Angela Lavis of Barberton, OH

This bracelet would sum up everything that has made me the strong person I am today.  I do believe everything happens for a reason.  Including why I visited this website.

Starting with when I was eight years old I was with my grandpa and my grandma was at work, he had a heart attack and died in our apartment.  He wanted to be cremated and his ashes spread on the Lone Cypress Tree in Carmel, California (#3294). Which we did and I carried him on my lap the whole way.

My grandma (#3346) and I did everything together.  She was my rock through the most devasting times of my life.  One of which was my divorce to my first husband and through the most heart wrenching of all; my mother and I had a family fall out and we haven't spoke in nine years.

My grandma was with me when I went into labor with my first son and ended up having three of most beautiful sons which are 19,17,16  (#0511).  She always said I can't wait for you to have a little girl so she can be just like you. Which I did, she's twelve years old. (#4161)

She was my biggest fan and sadly the day before she passed away she explained to me how beautiful the Angels were (#3387).  She passed on August 23, 2005 and I'm trying to plan another trip back to California.

My current focus has been concentrated on my father who is my best friend. He has been my back bone when I think my world is falling apart.

My dad was martial arts teacher for twenty-years (#6585) which I so admired his strength and he preached the ying-yang (#6430)  the good and bad in life.

This past August 23,2007 the anniversary of my grandma's passing my dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer at 58 years old and I pray (#0959) everyday that he continues the strength that he has bestilled in me.

I currently wear a locket around my neck of my grandma, and I'd love one of my dad and I (#8613) so he's always with me.

Through all of this my loving husband of ten years has picked up and held me up when I think that I just can't take another heart break.  He takes me to my favorite place, Sanibel Island, where I find serenity and is the most beautiful place to be. (#6593)

Thank you, for considering my story of why a beautiful charm bracelet would mean so much to me!

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