Flora Presley of Milan, IL

Twenty-eight years ago a young woman decided to take a chance and married a soldier she had only known for a month.  He was on his way to Germany (charm #6549---map of Germany).  There they had their first child and established a home (charm #2694---home).  The soldier decided to make the military a career and so many moves ensued taking them around the globe (charm #1026---globe) and the family expanded to include another child.  A favorite tour and experience of a lifetime was the two years spent in Australia (charm #4062---map of Australia).  The soldier's final tour was in Texas (charm #3293---map of Texas) where the now older woman decided to put her knowledge of the world to use and became a teacher (charm #0195---school). The family lived happily in Texas for over 10 years when wanderlust struck again (plus a more attractive job offer) and the couple moved to Illinois (charm #3300---map of Illinois).  Their now grown sons decided to stay in Texas, so the only "child" making the move with them was their Jack Russell terrier (charm #3351---Jack Russell terrier).  Winters in Illinois are quite a bit colder than Texas so the couple have turned to cozy nights reading (charm #3065---bookworm) and dreaming of tropical cruises in January (charm #6580---cruise ship).  Not surprising, the woman prefers romances.

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