Janey Oltz of Magnolia, DE

The story of my life represented by Rembrandt Charms starts with charm #0216, Praying Hands, engraved with "Mommom". She gave birth to and lovingly raised my mother, Sharyn (as well as 5 boys!). She is also the one to thank for many prayers through my unique and tough upbringing. They ultimately led to my belief that Jesus Christ is my Savior. The Praying Hands charm would also remind me daily that raising only 3 children CAN BE DONE! I will survive! My dad and mom separated not long ago. It was to be expected.and hoped for at times. My dad is a difficult person to love but I do. Which brings me to charm #5739, Elvis T.C.B. I can't look at that charm without thinking of my dad, the Elvis wannabe and owner of "TCB Steakhouse" in Pennsauken, N.J. many years ago. My dear mother has endured much stress in her life. She would be represented by charm #0199, Cup and Saucer. A nice hot cup of tea was one of the simple pleasures in her life that she still enjoys to this day. We've shared countless cups of tea together while playing a game and sharing in mother-daughter conversation. The next charms are #0500, Boat and #4061, Best Friends, engraved with "Cindy and Laurie". Because of my dad and circumstances in our lives, I did not attend school past 4th grade. My dad, mom, 2 sisters, and I lived 3 years of our lives on a boat. Even though it was not a traditional place to live and with such tight quarters, I think it played a key part in the close relationship I have with my sisters. They've been, and always will be my best friends. Charm #3461, #1 Teacher, engraved with "Life" would remind me that life's experiences are the most valuable lessons to learn.not just those found in textbooks. That brings me to charm #0790, Helicopter to represent approximately 12 years of my life working for Zodiac of North America's aeronautical division, Aerazur. They manufacture helicopter emergency flotation gear. It was also the place where I met my husband, Jim. He is my everything. I love him dearly. It is because he holds the key to my heart and has opened many doors leading to many wonderful experiences, including what true love is, that I chose #1285, Door engraved with "Bunches", which is a silly nickname I gave him that has stuck. We have been truly blessed with 3 children (ages 3, 2 and 1) I love them so much it hurts. I still can't believe I'm a mom! You just can't understand all that your mom sacrificed for you until you become one yourself. It is all worth it. I chose charm #3780, "Mother", engraved with their names Jacey, Jessalyn and Jimmy. I end with charm #3135, Delaware, engraved with "Magnolia".  A small town in Delaware where we recently moved  and will create many more charming experiences. Thank you Rembrandt!

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