Marnie Schubert of Rockledge, FL

The story of my life begins in Florida, the state where I was born, and no matter where the travels of a military family took us, where I have always called home. The charm "Sailboat" (#4399) represents the beauty and tranquility of the state, along with my family's love of the water and sailing. My father, being a Navy man, made sure everyone knew how to love, care for, and navigate a sailboat.

When I was young, that military life took us around the globe, changing schools every 16 months, and introducing us to new styles of clothes, food and language. The "Backpack" (#2632) illustrates our constant, on-the-go lifestyle.

After college, I went to work at the local newspaper. It was there I met my future husband, Corey, who worked there as a reporter. Although both of us have moved on to other jobs, the newspaper holds a special place in my heart. It's where I met several life-long friends, and found the love of my life. The charm "Typewriter" (#0762) captures the heart of the newspaper industry.

Prior to getting married, I took my final, "single-girl" vacation and went to Napa Valley, CA. There I attended the Culinary Institute of America to study wine. Although I never had any intention of making a career in the wine industry, what I learned there has enabled me to conduct wine seminars for local charities. Every time I lead a seminar, it makes me happy to know that my love of wine is translating into raising funds for those in need. The charm "Corkscrew" (#2477) is a wonderful reminder of that feeling.

My husband surprised me with a wedding proposal on our first night in our new home. He painted a small jewelry box with two rings on the top, and the words "Will  You?" inside. He hid the box inside of a moving box. The charm "Ring Box" (#3887) looks just like the box he painted!

Living on the Space Coast of Florida, NASA is an integral part of life. It also happens to be the current employer of my husband, father, sister and several of my closest friends. Every time I feel the rumble of the shuttle launching, it feels like the culmination of all their hard work is paying off for the world to see. "Shuttle" (#7722) represents the glory of the space program.

The "Dog, Labrador Retriever" (#2404) is representative of our adopted puppy, Lightning. This shy, adorable pup was down to his final hours at the pound when we found him. In his former home, he was abused, but here at our home, he's a well-loved, completely spoiled member of our family!

Rembrandt has many charms, and as my life continues to take me in new directions, I know there will be lots of new stories to tell on my bracelet!

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