Tips to choose the perfect Photoart frame style for your picture.
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Heart frames work best for 1-2 people of equal height. Because the shape of a heart is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom we can only fit faces into your charm.

Ovals work best for 1-2 people in a vertically oriented photo. If more than one subject is to go in the charm, they need to be close together. This frame works well if you would like to see the whole person in the charm (however, you must indicate this on your order).

Rectangles - good for any vertical photo.

Rectangles - good for any horizontal photo.

Doghouse - work best with 1 dog face.

Paw charms work best with 1-2 pet faces positioned close together.

Circle charms work best with 1 face only.


Celtic Cross charms work best with 1 face only.


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