The First Time We Met

Posted by Melanie Busch on

Finding the perfect gift for her was essential. I needed her to know every second with her are the seconds I hold closest to my heart.

The first time we met there was a light glistening snowfall that left the look of glitter in her hair. She looked like an angel of my dreams. She caught me looking her way and smiled. With full embarrassment I awkwardly smiled back. She hailed a cab and in a panic of losing the moment I ran towards her acting like I was heading the same way.

We seemed to immediately arrive at her destination leaving me no time to work up the nerve to ask her out for a coffee. As she got out of the cab she handed me a piece of folded paper. Inside was her name, Angela, and her phone number. She really was my angel. The back of the paper said, “If it’s meant to be, call me.”

I cherish that memory and every moment we have shared together over the last fifteen years.

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