Our First Christmas

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It was our first Christmas together since getting married. We both merrily set up decorations throughout the house and outside. Setting up the lights outside took us hours since I started a playful fight in the snow.

Inside we lit candles that smelled of holiday spices. Christmas movies played in the background on mute while the radio played our favorite Christmas tunes. Our spirit could not be denied. Our newlywed expenses didn’t leave much for a tree, but we went out and got what we could. It turned out that the tree we brought home, wasn’t much of a tree at all. We laughed and made jokes when we put a string of lights around the branches. It had a hard time standing in our front window and when she put the first ornament on it almost fell over.

We decorated it the best we could with ornaments collected from growing up. When it was finished the tree dipped awkwardly to one side, but it was our first tree and the joy on her face as she looked at it was enough for me. I’ll never forget the first Christmas we shared together. It was the happiest we had been on Christmas since we were kids.

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