How To Attach Your Charms

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Pliers with a flat disc charm and bracelets
Items You'll Need

  • Two pairs of small needle nose pliers or chain nose pliers
  • Charm with a jump ring
  • Classic or bangle bracelet

Before you begin, arrange the bracelet and charm on a clean, flat surface to determine where on the bracelet you'd like to attach the charm.

flat disc charm with jump ring
Step One:
Locate the split opening in the jump ring.

2 pliers hold the charm jump ring
Step Two:
Use the pliers to grip closely to each side of the split in the ring.

pliers opening charm jump ring
Step Three:
Open the ring by twisting one side away from you and the other side toward you. Avoid pulling the ends directly away from each other as this will make it more difficult to close the ring later.

pliers placing the charm open jump ring on a classic bracelet
pliers placing open charm jump ring on bangle bracelet
Step Four:
Grasp the open jump ring with one of the pliers and slip it through the bracelet link or around the bangle wire.

pliers closing charm jump ring on classic bracelet
pliers closing charm jump ring on bangle bracelet
Step Five:
Using both pairs of pliers, carefully twist the two ends back together until the jump ring is closed. Avoid repeatedly twisting the ends as this may weaken or break the ring.

All done. Enjoy your new charm bracelet!

Protect your memories.

We recommend having your jump rings soldered to provide extra security and ensure your memories will stay with you forever. Check with your local jeweler for more information.


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