My favorite part of summer: Even though I live minutes from the beach (Cone Shell #0553) on Lake Michigan, when I think about summer, the first thing that comes to mind is–baseball! (Baseball Glove with Ball #3454). For years and years now, my husband and I have spent many summer afternoons thirty miles from home, watching a not-even-minor league team play baseball. Well, I say “we watch,” but actually, Neal is the baseball fan; his cap always at the ready, I am a fan of reading, (Open Book #3160) so my straw tote bag is filled to the brim with magazines and books—and my sunglasses, of course. (Sunglasses #2455). Every inning finds me turning another page, munching popcorn (Popcorn #2490) and peanuts (Peanut #8195) from the concession stand while Neal keeps up the batter chatter, (“After two!” “Good rip!” “Take the base!”) (Baseball Player #1786). There are only about ten games over the course of the summer and, oh, it is a melancholy time for me during the last game of the season. As we pick up our chairs (Director’s Chair # 3100) and bags and head to the car for the final time, I look over my shoulder at the boys of summer, who are also packing up gear. It’ll be a long, long time before we’re together again. On cold winter days, (Snowflake #7816) I’ll recall these sunny afternoons (Sunshine #6486)—and dream of next season.

– Jill G., June Winner


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