I just bought my mother a book called The Charm Bracelet by Viola Shipman. We are excited to start reading it together on Mother’s Day. We have always admired charm bracelets and the stories they tell. I can imagine the perfect charm bracelet for my mother. it would start with a bell (#0752 Bell Charm), for her beautiful name, Belle. She has always been the bell of the ball for me and Dad. She can light up any room and make everyone feel special. Her and Dad were such a happy couple (#8156 Wedding Couple) who let faith (#3023 Mustard Seed) guide all their decisions. But Mom’s story wouldn’t be complete without an airplane charm (#8326 Airplane) – as travel agents mom & dad always took me on far away adventures. They gave me the desire to travel and explore. My sweetest memory was our trip to Toronto (#8007 Toronto), where we saw Lion King on stage and we ordered every dessert off the room service menu. What a treat!!! My favorite charm of all for mom would be a sewing machine charm (#0731 Sewing Machine). My strongest memory of Mom is her sewing, glasses at the end of her nose, soft lamp light next to her, often late into the night and always for me. She sewed most of my clothes and my prom dress. But I’ll never forget her sewing on tiny sequins, one by one, onto the train of my wedding dress when she thought I was asleep. Mom has taught me how to be a loving mom and when I had my first child , she was over the moon. She bought me a blue stroller (#3209 Baby Stroller) and every weekend she’d come to visit and we’d stroll with my new baby in his “blueberry stroller.” I have a dream of my children touching each of her charms and asking her over and over what each one represents. Charms are little stories of our precious lives. I can’t wait to begin reading our new book together, it’s a new chapter for Mom in life since my dad, her husband for 49 years recently passed away. I would love to surprise mom with her very own charm bracelet at the end of our book (#2950 Book Charm)!! I’d love to add on more charms as years go by, reminding her of happy memories we make together. Oh Belle, my beloved mom, devoted wife, traveler, story teller, optimist…I can just see her wearing her silver dangly bracelet full of life and stories.

– Terry W., May A Mother’s Love Contest Winner


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