The story of my life: It’s a story to be told. I’ve learned so much throughout the years, since I’m now eighty-two years old. Born to Slovak immigrant parents, I was the youngest child of nine. My Dad (Just for Dad #2373) supported us on a coal miner’s (Miner’s Hat Charm #3474) salary. Yet I never felt poor, for everything was fine. In 1945, our family suffered a great loss: my oldest brother was killed in World War II. He was the oldest and I was the youngest, so I looked upon him as a father figure too. As a teenager, I met my husband to be. It was really love at first sight (Kissing Couple Charm #3263). Our marriage was truly blessed for sixty-two years. Then in 2016, God called him home one night. He was the love (Signed With Love #2634) of my life for all those years. We were blessed with five children (Tree of Life #0808) to love. They are now at my beck and call. For them, I thank God above. My husband chose a career in the Air Force Serving as a pilot (Pilot’s Wings Charm #6496) for twenty years. I was proud to be at his side that whole time. Yet, when he left on missions, I was filled with fears and tears. Throughout the Vietnam War and many a world crisis, in a C-141 (Military Plane Charm #0598) he took off to do his part. God kept him safe throughout those years. For that, I give thanks from the bottom of my heart (Filigree Heart Charm #3618). As I reflect on all of my eighty-two years, I was truly afforded an exciting life. But the best part of those eighty-two years to me was being a loving mother (Mother Open Heart #3500), Grandma (Special Grandma #6130), and a proud Air Force wife!

– Rita K., May Winner


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