On 6-6-2016, I fell in love with the man of my dreams. That is what the A Date to Remember (#6301) charm symbolizes. We were both 18 at the time. Inseparable and young, we traveled the world together. The Canadian Snowflake (#2751) represents our trip to Niagara Falls. We also found our way to South Carolina and Georgia in June 2016. It was my first time at the beach. We had so much in common, we were even exactly two weeks apart, both born in Feb! That is what the Feb. Love Birthstone (#3332) represents. For our 19th birthday, my parents even had a cake that said, “Happy Birthday Jennie & Bryan.” We never left each other sides, that is until I went to college in Pittsburgh. Even then I would come home every single weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to spend time with him and my parents. The horseshoe (#0196) represents my horse Dusty. Bryan loved horses but was terrified to ride one. Eventually I got him to, and he had so much fun! We both overcame our fears together. The I love you to the moon and back (#1535) charm reminds me of our 1950’s song, Earth Angel. Especially the part “I love you forever and ever more.” We planned on having kids on getting married, I told him to wait until after I graduated from school. I’m a double major at Duquesne University in Psychology and Sociology and concentrating in criminal justice studies. Sadly, on Friday the 13th Bryan passed away and we wouldn’t be able to continue our future together but I continue every day with him in my heart. That is what the last charm represents, “Forever Lovers Heart” (#6597). He will “forever and always” be my SOULMATE. Forever 20, Bryan. Miss him every day. He helped me through me losing my dad in September of ‘17 and in November of ‘17 he lost his dad when I was home visiting for the weekend. Almost exactly 6 months later, he joined his father. Rest in peace to two great people taken too soon, a father and son. Thanks for this great opportunity!

– Jennie G., November Winner




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