At the very beginning of my relationship with my husband, I can vividly remember asking him for a charm bracelet to immortalize our personal love story as it unfolded. There is that wonderful saying that “everyone has a love story, but ours is my favorite” – that could never be truer than it is with my husband and me. We met at a coffee shop. We sipped tea (Cup and Saucer #0199) until the store closed down. That day, I knew that I not only had met the man I was meant to marry. “I love you more” (Love You More Tag #1558) is a saying that we say often, not as a competition, but as an afferent that each day we find new reasons to fall more in love. These past two years have been a busy time for us. We got married (Wedding Bells #8183) and purchased a home (Colonial House #0798). These tasks are major events in a couple’s life that define them as a whole. I could never ask for a greater partner to have by my side. He is my true north (Compass with Needle #8327), centering me and keeping us on a steady path. He is my travel partner (Base Globe #8334) as we explore the world and create memories along the way (Empty Capsule #3356) – a charm that I cannot wait to fill with sand from our Honeymoon. With the fast paced and hectic world that we live in, I count myself truly blessed to have him by my side (Heart with Flower Design Locket #8605). I could never imagine a more perfect partner or best friend to experience life with.

– Diane S., October Winner




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