Rembrandt Charms displays produce $4,500 - $7,500 in sales per square foot. They are designed to maximize limited real estate and free-up valuable showcase space. During the busiest store hours, displays act as a silent salesman.  The vertical presentation of the display, merchandised with the best-selling charms by region, leads to impulse sterling silver purchases and karat-gold special orders.
Regardless of the store profile, we have the Charm Program that will be successful in your store. Offering a complete selection of floor, wall and counter-top displays that are available in multiple sizes and finishes. Custom Charm Department support is available.

A complete range of digital and print materials are available to support your charm program.

We do not sell directly to consumers, we invest in consumer advertising to send customers to preferred retail jewelers listed on Rembrandt Charms Retail Locator.

Our dedicated account representatives are available to help you make the most of your store’s charm program. Take advantage of the charm ambassador program in order to optimize your program’s performance even further! 

With every charm bracelet sold, retail jewelers learn more about customers interest and lives. Relationships develop that lead to repeat business and cross-selling. By offering the World’s Largest Charm Collection in Sterling Silver and Karat Gold retail jewelers can offer the perfect charms and price-points to each customer that enters the store.


It’s not just about selling charms…. it’s about easily cultivating relationships that last for years. Just like watches and diamonds, you must show charms to sell charms. With Rembrandt Charms Business Building Charm Program, the repeat business is assured.




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