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For generations, thousands of retail jewelers have trusted Rembrandt Charms as their charm and charm bracelet supplier. We are committed to providing our retailers with the support and resources they need to achieve their goals.  If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer service team is available. Please browse our new retailer portal and visit regularly as we continue to introduce new features and information!

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Marketing Support

We provide marketing materials for your store including:
Printed Materials – Catalogs, Mini-Catalogs, Brochures, Posters, Flyers, Countercards and Window Clings
Digital Materials – Social Media Graphics, In-store and Online Videos, Email Graphics, Custom Web Banners

All materials can be customized at your request.  Contact your Account Rep at 1-800-828-7840 for more information!

Business Building Charm Program

Get started today! 

Rembrandt Charms displays produce $4,500 – $7,500 in sales per square foot. They are designed to maximize limited real estate and free-up valuable showcase space. During the busiest store hours, displays act as a silent salesman.  The vertical presentation of the display, merchandised with the best-selling charms by region, leads to impulse sterling silver purchases and karat-gold special orders.

With every charm bracelet sold, retail jewelers learn more about their customer’s interests and lives. Relationships develop that lead to repeat business and cross-selling. By offering the World’s Largest Charm Collection in Silver and  Gold, retail jewelers can offer the perfect charms and price-points to each customer that enters the store.

It’s not just about selling charms…. it’s about easily cultivating relationships that last for years. Just like watches and diamonds, you must show charms to sell charms. With Rembrandt Charms Business Building Charm Program, the repeat business is assured!

Ordering & Selling Tips


With over 50 years in the Charm business, we know how to make your program successful! Visit our Ordering & Selling Tips for suggestions on how to maximize your selling opportunities.


Engravable charms are perfect for any occasion. Engrave a name, date or personal sentiment on your charm to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift. Over 40% of our Charm Collection can be engraved. Check the item detail on our website or look for a * next to the charm in our catalog to see if it’s engravable.


Precious memories can be preserved for a lifetime!  Our exclusive Photoart Charm process turns your photo into a treasured keepsake.  All frame styles are available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plate, 10k Yellow Gold and 14k White Gold.


We can immortalize your name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  Ancient cartouches stated the names or titles of rulers and were worn exclusively by Egyptian royalty.  The oval shape was believed to possess unique powers which protected the wearer from harm.


Our custom engraving options are popular with schools, 
businesses and athletic teams.  Our sales team and in-house designers can work with you to create the perfect custom engraving for your organization. 


By manufacturing in North America, we can quickly design and produce specific charms. We can customize charms with logos, locations or almost any other request. Rembrandt Charms offers fast turn-around times and can design charms for a specific budget.

“Diamonds are my passion at Marks Jewelers. However, you can’t underestimate the value of your other fine jewelry, especially lines that cultivate life long collectors. Rembrandt Charms is a strong supporting line for us. Traditional sentimental charms and bracelets are an always trending staple in the industry; that’s why we feature Rembrandt’s largest floor display, which is custom painted to match our décor perfectly. More charm collectors, additional fine jewelry purchases, more diamond sales…Rembrandt helps get me there. Passion fulfilled.”

Jim Brusilovsky

Marks Jewelers, IJO Member

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