Selling Tips

Starter Set Sells Fast! Offer and promote a Starter Charm Bracelet Set, featuring 1 Charm Bracelet and 1 Charm. Each set guarantees future charm sales. Customers will return regularly to add charms, which allows you to learn more about your customers, and introduce them to other high-end merchandise.

Show Silver, Sell Gold! Sterling Silver charms act as samples to cross-sell Karat Gold special orders.

Charms for Everyone! We offer thousands of charms in Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Yellow and White Gold, 10 Karat Yellow Gold, and Gold Plate, for all price-points. We have charms for everyone!

Relationship Building! Learn their stories! Lead your customer to the Rembrandt Charms display and learn your customer’s most precious memories.

Lifetime Warranty! Our Lifetime Warranty reflects the craftsmanship, dedication, and commitment of our entire staff. All of our merchandise is manufactured in the Unites States and Canada. Sterling Silver charms are Rhodium Plated to prevent tarnishing.

Repeat Business! Help your customers find their perfect charms… at their perfect price-points… for every occasion! The classic charm bracelet is your key to generating repeat business. After one charm, they won’t stop collecting!

Up-Selling! Suggest engraving. Provide prices in Karat Gold. Ask your customer who else might enjoy a timeless and charming gift!

Grow with Me Bracelets! The smaller-link charm bracelets are often referred to as “Grow with Me” bracelets and are ideal for pre-teens and teens. The clasp can attach to any link and adjusts as they grow!

Marketing! Provide your customers with a mini-catalog, and show them the wish-list section (located in the back). Use a stamp or a decal to place your store information on the back cover. Encourage your customers to take an extra copy to give to a loved one to help with gift ideas for their next special occasion.

It’s Not In The Display? Ask about their memories and reference our catalog, supplement and website. Remember that charms can be symbolic…A grape cluster to represent Italy, or a croissant charm to represent Paris. Suggest engraving or Photoart Charms.

Ordering Tips

Your Best Sellers are Missing! Keep your best-selling charms stocked at all times to gain Sterling Silver impulse purchases and Karat Gold special orders. Let your engravable charms continue to sell by keeping them in your charm display; we can engrave and ship the same day!

Stay Ahead! Email or fax orders nightly for early morning processing. During business hours, calls are always answered directly by a customer service representative.

No Minimum Orders! Same-day engraving and order fulfillment from our large charm inventory!

Inventory Controlled Displays! Re-order only what you sell! Charm pads include labels for fast and easy re-ordering. Restock your charm display frequently and combine re-orders with special orders to save on shipping.

Charm Display Care! If your display no longer matches your store’s décor, or if it needs attention, we can refresh the charm display! Charm pads, charm trays, labels, graphics, keys, display parts, paints, and stock balancing are available.

Photoart Charms®! Our exclusive Photoart process turns a photo into a treasured keepsake. Photoart Charms® take 7-10 business days to manufacture. Gift Certificates are available for orders if the gift is needed sooner.

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