Read what our Retailers have to say about Rembrandt Charms!

Rembrandt’s Charm Program has worked wonderfully in our store for over 30 years! The displays are easy for viewing and making selections. Stock re-orders, as well as special orders from the catalog, come in quickly, which makes our customers very happy!”

Diane DeScenza Herth,

VP of Merchandising DeScenza Diamonds

Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 33 years

Rembrandt Charms has given us the opportunity to see generations of our customers come together over these impeccable charms. People buy these for themselves, for their children, and for their grandchildren, all of whom always come back for more. We are lucky enough to have this happen in our store because of Rembrandt Charms.”

David Ekstra,

Holsten Jewelers
Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 23 years

“Rembrandt’s wide assortment of affordable, high quality charms has helped us capture the under $200 price point without compromising the quality of our merchandise.”

Jim Brusilovsky,

Mark’s Jewelers, IJO Member

Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 21 years

Being a Rembrandt retailer was a no brainer for me. We carried the charms at my former employer and this was one of the first accounts I set up when I opened my own store. The Charm Program is a great way to attract customers and the charms are a gateway for larger sales!

Jamie Parkerson,

Owner J. Parkerson Jewelers
Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 2 years

“We have two Rembrandt Charms floor displays in our store and have been amazed by the response. Our sales have increased month after month for over three years now. It makes selling easier, re-stocking easier and Rembrandt’s annual review they do of our best-sellers allows us to manage our inventory better. Thanks Rembrandt!”

James Poag,

Owner James O. Poag Jewellers
Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 32 years

“If Rembrandt doesn’t have a charm for everything, then it’s probably not manufactured! For over 25 years, Rembrandt’s traditional charms and charm bracelets have remained a great seller in our store! Love Rembrandt Charms! ”

John Cauley,

Owner John Cauley Jeweler
Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 24 years

For over 30 years, Rembrandt Charms has been a part of Kirk’s Jewelers! The in-store experience of selecting a bracelet and special charm also becomes part of the memory associated with the bracelet. We believe it is important to reorder charms on a regular basis and have a full inventory. Rembrandt remains an integral part of our business. Having Rembrandt in your store is a charming idea! ”

Kirk W. Frey,

Kirk’s Jewelers & Gifts, Inc.
Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 28 years

We started with a counter display of 100 charms and now we’ve built our charm business to a display of over 700 charms! The repeat business is great! A real traffic builder! Not to mention the sales of our other products in our store as a result. Over 40 years, Rembrandt has provided us exceptional service and quality. ”

Matt Lambrecht,

Owner Lambrecht’s Jewelers
Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 39 years

The Charm Program has been a great success for our stores for over 30 years! The repeat business generated from an initial charm sale is impressive! Customers return to buy charms for various occasions, along with other items.”

John Green,

President and CEO Lux Bond & Green

Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 41 years


Rembrandt has been our first and only source for charms for over 25 years! Our customers frequently comment on the Charm quality exceeding their expectations.”

David Audette,

Owner M.R.T. Jewelers
Proudly selling Rembrandt Charms for 25 years

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