Create & Promote a

Starter Bracelet Set

Stay ahead of the competition

Promote a starter bracelet set created exclusively for your store, to offer as a gift idea to consumers in your area. The more charm bracelet sets that you sell, the more new and loyal customer you’ll gain! Consumers will return often to purchase additional charms and other high-end merchandise.

Choose a charm for your region or for a special occasion!

Start the tradition! Rembrandt’s charm customers will return regularly to add charms, which allows you to learn more about your customers, and introduce them to other high-end merchandise.


“The repeat business is STRONG! We promoted the solar eclipse set in our local paper and sold over 100 sets in less than two weeks! The more charm bracelets we sell, the more sales and loyal customers we gain!”

– John Schrecker, Owner, J Schrecker Jewelers

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